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Welcome to the Speech & Language Program!

The Speech and Language Program provides extra support for children who require speech and/or language therapy.  The Speech-Language Pathologist works with children in small group settings and/or in the regular classroom to enhance children’s speech and language skills.  The Speech-Language Pathologist also works closely with other learning specialists, reading specialists, and classroom teachers to assist with classroom modifications and to provide strategies to improve comprehension and overall communication skills.


What is Articulation?

Articulation refers to the adjustments and movements of the mouth (lips, tongue, teeth) for sound production.  Examples of articulation errors include substitutions (“wabbit” for “rabbit”), omissions (“o” for “go”), additions (“stit” for “sit”), and distortions of sounds.


What is Language?

Language refers to the system used by people to communicate with others.  There are four language modalities:  speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Typically, when children have difficulty in one of these areas, it affects the other areas to varying degrees.  Language includes your child’s ability to understand and use vocabulary, grammar, and social communication skills.


Does My Child Qualify for Speech and Language Services?

In the event that your child has been referred for a speech or language evaluation, your child’s performance on these evaluations will be compared to eligibility criteria established by the state of Missouri.  Children who meet these requirements are eligible for speech and/or language services in the public school setting.







The Concept Kids™ is a program developed by Lee’s Summit district speech-language pathologists.  This program is designed to improve speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.  It also teaches students the “language of instruction” that appears in classroom discussions, on assignments, and on tests.  Children are introduced to cartoon-like characters that teach the students various language and comprehension skills through the use of stories, songs, activities, and games.  Concept Kids™ lessons are used not only in the small group setting, but also in the regular education classrooms to support curricular skills.  Be sure to ask your child about the Concept Kids.™




Children begin to develop language skills well before they enter school.  The more language interactions a child has prior to entering school, the greater that child’s potential for academic success.  A child’s language performance has a direct impact on his or her ability to read, to learn, to remember, and to comprehend.  The following speech and language calendars are designed to provide your child the opportunity to practice a wide variety of language skills.  As you practice these skills with your child, you will become aware of those skills that you child may need more assistance with.  Click on one of the links below to access the language calendars.


January Calendar

February Calendar

March Calendar

April Calendar

May Calendar

June Calendar

July Calendar

August Calendar

September Calendar

October Calendar

November Calendar

December Calendar




Resource Links

Word Blender

Blending beginning sounds with ending sounds to form words

Jim's Crankophone

Matching like sounds found in words to improve phonemic awareness                                            

 Zac the Rat

Blending sounds together to form words that correspond to a matching picture

 vowel practice

Practice identifying long and short vowels in words

Phonics practice

Games to practice consonant and vowel discrimination and use

Kids Lab

Practice identifying and using multiple meaning words in sentences

Grammar Crackers

Grammar and syntax games to practice correct word usage and sentence structure

Grammar Gorillas

Games to practice identify different parts of speech; beginner and advanced games available

 Vocabulary Builders

 Games and vocabulary builders to practice word study skills and word meanings

World of Words

Practice vocabulary, basic concepts, categories, etc.

On-line articulation games

On-line matching and concentration games to practice different sounds in initial, medial, final positions of words



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